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Pharmaceutical and related health industries are highly research-driven and as a result need well-trained scientists in order to develop successful, innovative and effective products. Pharmaceutical R&D is no longer an exclusive activity belonging to industrialized nations of Europe, America and Far-East Asia. Many countries have their own natural resources and manpower to establish advanced research facilities for the development of effective drug delivery systems.

There is also a strong need to develop novel cosmeceutical products and functional food items to meet the growing demand of health-conscious consumers worldwide. In addition, basic pharmaceutical research is of equal importance as it gives insight into the mechanisms of drug interactions at a cellular level which is also vital in the formulation of effective treatment. As a result, the regional academic institutions must be able to offer a graduate program which combines high quality education in pharmaceutical sciences with research-intensive activities that are tailored to the needs of different countries, especially those of emerging economy.

With this regard, the graduate program in Pharmaceutical Technology at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University, has been set up to provide higher education and training in pharmaceutical R&D by applying advanced technology and locally available resources. Students in the program will be taught by experienced, internationally renowned scientists invited from respected Schools of Pharmacy and other academic institutions in the USA and UK (See list of invited professors) while tuition and fee are a fraction of a cost at which a student would have spent if he or she were to study at the professor’s home country. The program is designed to be a modular type, in which students have more flexibility in planning the time for class-room lectures, self-studying and conducting his/her own research work without interruption.

The program admits applicants from all nationalities with background in Pharmacy, Biology, Chemistry, and related sciences. Students are able to conduct their lab work either at Chulalongkorn University or at any collaborative facilities in Thailand. In many cases, they can opt to conduct part of their research abroad, especially at universities in the US and UK. Past institutions include the University of Iowa, West Virginia University, University of Cardiff, and the University of London.

The campus and the city of Bangkok

The Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Chulalongkorn University is located in central Bangkok, an oasis of higher education surrounded by high-rise buildings and business complexes. It is close to the Bangkok skytrain system, which connects the campus to many important public places and attractions. International students will find Bangkok a very vibrant city, with all the bustle-hustle of oriental metropolis intertwined with western modernization. It has always been rated as a city with the most value for money. Its low cost of living offers residents a great number of accommodations and eateries at very reasonable price.


Student body


Currently there are 17 students in the program (9 M.S. and 8 Ph.D. students). International students mostly came from Southeast Asian nations. There is also one exchange student from Denmark.


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February 24th, 2012


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Congratulations to Dr. Pithi and Dr. Varisa for Research Achievement Awards


Congratulations to Thi Thi San for Outstanding Poster Award


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